Seems to be my thing

Working with the dead seems to be my thing. I get a lot of requests to see if people have crossed, to cross them over and to remove them from homes. I haven't done any of the latter work in person, and I feel like I need more training before I do that. I have … Continue reading Seems to be my thing

Autumn Is Coming

Autumn is rapidly approaching. The  mornings so warm they startled you, and the long evenings filled with tree energy are waning, leaving a slighty sharper edge to the air. Autumn brings clarity. A space to think clearly. This late summer has brought to me the gift of time and the courage to use it. I … Continue reading Autumn Is Coming

Using Ayahuasca Without Honoring the Spirit

I have journeyed to the Spirit of Ayahuasca in the last year and it has told me it is not the remedy for me. I have respected that. However, most people going on these Ayahuasca "quests" don't even understand that it is a plant Spirit, a powerful sentient one, and doesn't like to be abused. … Continue reading Using Ayahuasca Without Honoring the Spirit

A Hell of a Year – Finding Peace

I have had a hell of a year. It was a very tough year professionally. I have worked for 14 years in a place that has never really fit me. I tried to leave the first year, but through some kind of Universe trick, it wouldn't let me go back from where I came. So … Continue reading A Hell of a Year – Finding Peace

I Am Enough

I was thinking about fire as I journeyed this AM. How fire is transformative. It renews forests. It transforms metal. It turns our flesh and blood back to the original ash and earth from which we sprang forth. And fire in the way of tribulation tempers us. It makes us strong. Able to live more … Continue reading I Am Enough

Psychopomp, or Crossing the Dead Over

I wanted to share with you my first experience in psychopomp. It happened before I had any classes or workshops in it, although I was aware of the ritual in shamanism. It was my father. He had been ill on and off for about a year. He was failing - he had broken his neck … Continue reading Psychopomp, or Crossing the Dead Over

Unmasking the False Self

I want to explain what my understanding of the the false self is. I have been working through this - a lot of the information comes from Christina Pratt's podcasts, Why Shamanism Now. I don't think I have it all, but I am getting there. The false self is really quite useful and capable - … Continue reading Unmasking the False Self

Moving the Dead Along

I was teaching my basic workshop on Journeying when an attendee mentioned her husband who wanted to learn, but was hesitant because she said he used to have spirits in his face yelling at him all of the time. Then some who were always talking to him. I asked if he wanted me to go … Continue reading Moving the Dead Along

Learn to Journey Workshop

We had a wonderful Learn To journey and Find your Power Animal workshop yesterday, at Namaste Yoga in Saratoga - the space is beautiful and the people who attended had beautiful, open hearts. I am so blessed to have learned about shamanism.