Psychopomp, or Crossing the Dead Over

I wanted to share with you my first experience in psychopomp. It happened before I had any classes or workshops in it, although I was aware of the ritual in shamanism. It was my father. He had been ill on and off for about a year. He was failing - he had broken his neck … Continue reading Psychopomp, or Crossing the Dead Over

Moving the Dead Along

I was teaching my basic workshop on Journeying when an attendee mentioned her husband who wanted to learn, but was hesitant because she said he used to have spirits in his face yelling at him all of the time. Then some who were always talking to him. I asked if he wanted me to go … Continue reading Moving the Dead Along


I took a Death and Dying class through the Foundation for Shamanic Studies and then did more study with shaman Peter Clark in Montpelier, Vermont. Of all of my studies, I've found this to be the most satisfying. With Nan Moss at the Foundation course, we learned the basics: where we came from, our past … Continue reading Psychopomp