Shamanic Extraction

We can often get energies on and in us that don’t belong – these are not the Christian “Exorcist” type energies that movies have made so well known. These are just spirit energies, or energies from strong emotions we have felt, or energies from a past injury – not bad, not evil, not good, just not an energy we are meant to keep.

Shamans work with the spirit world and with the soul and with energies all of the time.  Shamanic extraction is the removal of this displaced energy, often called “intrusions.” To do this extraction, I will enter a shamanic state and call on my Helping Spirits to locate and then remove the intrusions. I use a rattle and sing to merge with my Helping Spirit and then my Spirit works through me to remove the intrusions.

Shamans do not do the healing work themselves – all shamans are is a “hollow bone,” a conduit for the spirits to work through them. Much like Saints do miracles when God works through them, shamans perform healings when their compassionate spirits work through them.

I can do this extraction work through long distance using a different method of finding them called the Tunnel Method. Then I extract, picturing your body and removing the energies where I found them.

Shamanic extraction is $95 and lasts between 75 and 90 minutes.

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