Power Animal Retrieval


Everyone has a Power Animal. A Power Animal is an animal that is there for us, from birth and beyond. They protect us from illness and negativity, much like a Guardian angel. You can have more than one Power Animal, and each one that you have gives you more protection and more power. The animal also gives you the wisdom of that animal spirit.

In our modern day societies, we often don’t realize we have these powerful spirits waiting for us to recognize and get to know them, so I offer two services:

  • a Power Animal Retrieval for you, either in person or long distance. I will journey to the Lower World with one of my power animals and retrieve a new (to you) Power Animal for you OR
  • a journey to help you learn about who your Power Animal is.

A power animal retrieval, in person or long distance, for $50. We can also do it through Skype or FaceTime.

Please call 518-260-9901 to discuss possible treatment or fill out the form below: