Yule – The Time to Clear Your Internal House

It is almost Yule. Yule is an ancient pagan holiday, celebrated for many years before Christianity started to spread. As Kings became Christian, all of their subjects had to go along with them. Many were unhappy – they loved their wild pagan religions, with festivals and bonfires and dancing and celebrating, and Christianity seemed staid … Continue reading Yule – The Time to Clear Your Internal House

Autumn Is Coming

Autumn is rapidly approaching. The  mornings so warm they startled you, and the long evenings filled with tree energy are waning, leaving a slighty sharper edge to the air. Autumn brings clarity. A space to think clearly. This late summer has brought to me the gift of time and the courage to use it. I … Continue reading Autumn Is Coming

Headed up to Lake Placid today

Today, I'm headed up to a stream near Lake Placid, NY, that has fabulous rock-hounding. I have a show in a few weeks and I want to make some more jewelry with local stones. My husband and I have gone there several times, and it is beautiful with a great spiritual feeling: when I leave … Continue reading Headed up to Lake Placid today

Artemesia- aka Mugwort- Its Many Uses

WARNING: Make sure you are harvesting Artemesia, and not Hemlock! They look similar! The many healing uses of this remarkable plant! this info is directly from this site: http://thegrownetwork.com/for-the-love-of-mugwort-7-uses-for-mugwort/ Now let’s look at the many interesting edible and medicinal uses of mugwort, the reasons why this wonderful lady is a sure keeper. #1 – Flavorful … Continue reading Artemesia- aka Mugwort- Its Many Uses

A Day of Rock Hounding

We went rock hounding to find some rocks for my jewelry; I have been using natural stones in it as much as possible recently. I got some nice diopside, blue calcite and quartz, some with diopside. We first went to Cascade Lake, up past Keene, NY. Then we went to the Roaring Brook hiking area … Continue reading A Day of Rock Hounding

A Rockhounding Day

So I was out of sorts today, and didnt want to make jewelry or pottery. My husband and I decided to,go north to Keene Valley, NY to go rock hounding. We sure found a lot!! The first picture is green diopside.  This is calcite with garnet in it.  These are blue calcite with diopside in … Continue reading A Rockhounding Day

Power Animal Oracle Cards 

I am pulling some cards today from the wonderful card deck by Stephen D. Farmer. I pulled a monkey card - here is the text from Farmer's Guide:  No matter what's happening right now, you have got to be able to adjust to the circumstances at hand, then generate creative solutions or ideas and act … Continue reading Power Animal Oracle Cards 

More Facts About Lightning

I've been remiss. When I left Nan Moss' weather shamanism workshops II and III, I promised lightning I'd write about it, and I haven't been. So here are a few fun facts about lightning: Only 1/4 of lightning is from cloud to ground Lightning can occur inside clouds, between clouds and from clouds to the … Continue reading More Facts About Lightning