Autumn Is Coming

Autumn is rapidly approaching. The  mornings so warm they startled you, and the long evenings filled with tree energy are waning, leaving a slighty sharper edge to the air. Autumn brings clarity. A space to think clearly. This late summer has brought to me the gift of time and the courage to use it. I … Continue reading Autumn Is Coming

A Hell of a Year – Finding Peace

I have had a hell of a year. It was a very tough year professionally. I have worked for 14 years in a place that has never really fit me. I tried to leave the first year, but through some kind of Universe trick, it wouldn't let me go back from where I came. So … Continue reading A Hell of a Year – Finding Peace

Serendipity X 1000

Once again, I have had an experience of serendipity. Last week, I did a journey and Lion showed up. I have seen a lion once before in a journey but Lion is not one of my power animals. Lion told me I will need courage for the time coming up. Courage to face what is … Continue reading Serendipity X 1000

I Haven’t Been Writing This Year

I have had a very difficult situation at work this year. It has triggered me in all sorts of ways, pushed me to excel in others. I have made mistakes and misjudgments, but my Helping Spirits have been with me all along, even though I ignored Panther's instructions. Panther is my power animal who holds … Continue reading I Haven’t Been Writing This Year

Musing on the Muse

  I'm still in search of my own voice. I've tried to follow trends of what seems popular. What Instagram audiences like, what gets a lot of Likes, what is popular. Not only did that stuff not sell, it left me dissatisfied, empty. So many following trends, chasing a living of someone else's dream. Guilty … Continue reading Musing on the Muse

Spiritual Healing Jewelry

Over on my website,, I have a lot of spiritual healing jewelry. I have many quartz necklaces: tangerine quartz, spirit quartz, lithium quartz, all of which have great energy. They are also excellent chakra stones, depending on the color of the stone. You can meditate with my jewelry on the correct chakra, or use … Continue reading Spiritual Healing Jewelry

Labradorite, Healing Gemstone, Stone of Shamans

Healing Labradorite is the magic stone of shamans. It is magical, changeable, luminescent. It is a stone of great energy. The meaning of labradorite, from this site: "Labradorite Crystal is a stone of magic, awakening within you mystical and magical abilities and psychic powers. It has within it a deeply felt resonance that is … Continue reading Labradorite, Healing Gemstone, Stone of Shamans

Tourmaline as Healing Gemstone

Tourmaline is a beautiful stone, both in its rough form and polished. I use the raw form in a lot of my jewelry. The common colors I use are black, green and watermelon. The pink is part of the watermelon tourmaline, which I hadn't learned until recently. Not only is it beautiful, it is an … Continue reading Tourmaline as Healing Gemstone

Raw Ruby Necklace, Gemstone Healing Stone 

I made this gemstone healing necklace with ruby and sterling silver. It is handmade and goes with everything. The ruby is approximately an inch tall for reference. I love to use raw or rough stones in my jewelry, as they are as close to Mother Earth as we can get. Here is some information on … Continue reading Raw Ruby Necklace, Gemstone Healing Stone 

Artemesia- aka Mugwort- Its Many Uses

WARNING: Make sure you are harvesting Artemesia, and not Hemlock! They look similar! The many healing uses of this remarkable plant! this info is directly from this site: Now let’s look at the many interesting edible and medicinal uses of mugwort, the reasons why this wonderful lady is a sure keeper. #1 – Flavorful … Continue reading Artemesia- aka Mugwort- Its Many Uses