Yule – The Time to Clear Your Internal House

It is almost Yule. Yule is an ancient pagan holiday, celebrated for many years before Christianity started to spread. As Kings became Christian, all of their subjects had to go along with them. Many were unhappy – they loved their wild pagan religions, with festivals and bonfires and dancing and celebrating, and Christianity seemed staid … Continue reading Yule – The Time to Clear Your Internal House

Seems to be my thing

Working with the dead seems to be my thing. I get a lot of requests to see if people have crossed, to cross them over and to remove them from homes. I haven't done any of the latter work in person, and I feel like I need more training before I do that. I have … Continue reading Seems to be my thing

Autumn Is Coming

Autumn is rapidly approaching. The  mornings so warm they startled you, and the long evenings filled with tree energy are waning, leaving a slighty sharper edge to the air. Autumn brings clarity. A space to think clearly. This late summer has brought to me the gift of time and the courage to use it. I … Continue reading Autumn Is Coming

Weather Workshop Past Weekend

Just went to a Weather Workshop this past weekend with Nan Moss, hosted by Peter Clark in Montpelier, VT. It was a lovely weekend, with some amazing work going on!! One journey we did I would like to share without sharing how it happened. We were supposed to go find out what we needed to … Continue reading Weather Workshop Past Weekend

Healing Crystal Tourmaline and Apatite Bracelet

Raw Crystal Bracelet, Tourmaline Apatite Bracelet, Healing Stones, Raw Silver Bracelet This lovely tourmaline and apatite bracelet was made by hand, using rough stones and silver chain and components. The bracelet is rough green, black and watermelon tourmaline, and apatite, the chain is a nice weight, and the clasp and jump rings are all handcrafted. … Continue reading Healing Crystal Tourmaline and Apatite Bracelet

Healing Moss Agate Necklace

This lovely and healing moss agate stone is set in my original design and is for sale in my etsy shop: https://www.etsy.com/listing/246203084/moss-agate-necklace-sterling-silver?ga_search_query=Moss+agate&ref=shop_items_search_1 Some info on moss agate from here: https://www.charmsoflight.com/moss-agate-healing-properties.html Moss Agate is an Agate variety of Chalcedony. Zodiac - Virgo Planet - Moon Element - Earth Typical colours - Green, blue, red, yellow, brown In … Continue reading Healing Moss Agate Necklace

Using Ayahuasca Without Honoring the Spirit

I have journeyed to the Spirit of Ayahuasca in the last year and it has told me it is not the remedy for me. I have respected that. However, most people going on these Ayahuasca "quests" don't even understand that it is a plant Spirit, a powerful sentient one, and doesn't like to be abused. … Continue reading Using Ayahuasca Without Honoring the Spirit

A Hell of a Year – Finding Peace

I have had a hell of a year. It was a very tough year professionally. I have worked for 14 years in a place that has never really fit me. I tried to leave the first year, but through some kind of Universe trick, it wouldn't let me go back from where I came. So … Continue reading A Hell of a Year – Finding Peace

Headed up to Lake Placid today

Today, I'm headed up to a stream near Lake Placid, NY, that has fabulous rock-hounding. I have a show in a few weeks and I want to make some more jewelry with local stones. My husband and I have gone there several times, and it is beautiful with a great spiritual feeling: when I leave … Continue reading Headed up to Lake Placid today