Musing on the Muse


Tourmaline taw stones
Raw tourmaline, ruby and diopside.

I’m still in search of my own voice. I’ve tried to follow trends of what seems popular. What Instagram audiences like, what gets a lot of Likes, what is popular. Not only did that stuff not sell, it left me dissatisfied, empty. So many following trends, chasing a living of someone else’s dream. Guilty as charged. I’m struggling to find my own voice. I’m making pottery for seven years, jewelry for four, and I still haven’t quite tuned in to the Spirits’ paintbrush of my own soul.

I’m getting there. I know it involves raw stones, fire transforming metal’s shape and qualities, flora and fauna. It is not easy to turn away from the trends, to tune in to your own Muse whispering under the shouting of fear that you are a Failure at this, the thing you love. To keep going in Doubt. The Siren of others’ success keeps calling me. My task is to turn away, to keep still sometimes, to let that whisper of who I am, and what sings from me, out into the world.

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