Seven years ago, I put the wine bottle down. I made a decision that changed everything. I found art, I found full blown anxiety and ADD, I found struggles, I found joy. What I hadn’t found was my true self, my purpose. Who I was at my core.

I have always wondered if others knew how to answer the question: Who am I? I never knew. I have tap-danced my way through life, picking up the tempo, faster and faster, in a furious quest to answer that question. I have sat across from a therapist every other week for over seven years, trying to get them to answer my question. To no avail. Until my Spirits finally answered it.

I am a collection of things, like grains of sand on the beach, making up the whole. I am good, I am not so “good.” I am filled with light, I have dark spots. I am anxious, I am confident. I am a child of the Universe, and of the Universe. I am a spirit with a body right now, sent forth to do some work. I will always be a Mother: my purpose for many years. I am a teacher, a healer, an artist. But I am a soul in body. I live on the earth, and I live in the stars. 

There is much to learn still, but I have made a start. And my gratitude toward my Helping Spirits is boundless.

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