I Am Enough

I was thinking about fire as I journeyed this AM. How fire is transformative. It renews forests. It transforms metal. It turns our flesh and blood back to the original ash and earth from which we sprang forth. And fire in the way of tribulation tempers us. It makes us strong. Able to live more fully, with less fear.

For me, the trick has been to not allow the fire to burn my soul…light me on fire so I am destroyed by the heat of my own emotions. This is a slow, often painful process. I run hot. But I read some words today that touched me deeply: about letting go of that old skin, to make room for the new. That I don’t need outside affirmation, or a frantic search for more. What I have in my heart and soul is enough. What I have in my life is enough. I don’t need to search for more and more. It is all right here. I really felt that for the first time in my life.

This realization made me weep at my wasted time. And to make myself a promise to try to honor my time here, in seeing what is inside me, rather than constantly looking outward. I am humbly grateful for the wisdom given to me today. 

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