Unmasking the False Self

I want to explain what my understanding of the the false self is. I have been working through this – a lot of the information comes from Christina Pratt’s podcasts, Why Shamanism Now. I don’t think I have it all, but I am getting there.
The false self is really quite useful and capable – it is what keeps us safe. We don’t even really know we are our false self. My false self is smart, accomplished, hard working, wants a nice house, a good car, wants security. But there is a price for all that safety and security. The false self interferes with us doing/living our soul’s purpose.
Let’s say I want to teach spirituality, do healing, etc. If my false self/sense of being safe doesn’t want to give up security/reputation/ego, I will never give up my false self and be able to do my soul’s purpose. I can still teach and be my real self, do my soul’s purpose on the side, but the urge to do it more is strong.

So in order to do your soul’s purpose, the reason we were put here at this place and at this time, you have to get your false self out of the way. I have been struggling with this for over a year. I continually ask my helping spirits what my soul’s purpose is, why I am here? I have had people tell me, “It is to be a teacher,” but I don’t think that is it. I love the students, but the rest of it doesn’t feel like my soul’s purpose. I chafe against much of it, the rules, etc. I think when you are doing your soul’s purpose, it fits like a glove. It is comfortable, and makes you happy. You whistle on your way to work.

I hope I figure this out before I die. šŸ™‚ I

One thought on “Unmasking the False Self

  1. I listen to those podcasts, too and also struggle with my purpose. A friend is encouraging me to offer workshops, even going so far as to invite me to present with her. And I am resisting this! It seems like when I bump up my enthusiasm for a project like that, a real-life situation overtakes me. Maybe we’ll figure it out soon!


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