Moving the Dead Along

I was teaching my basic workshop on Journeying when an attendee mentioned her husband who wanted to learn, but was hesitant because she said he used to have spirits in his face yelling at him all of the time. Then some who were always talking to him. I asked if he wanted me to go see who they were and she said yes, but she’d double check with him and he said it was fine.

I went to Source and found out there were two ladies who were sisters: one was engaged to this man in an earlier life. Their names were Margaret and Mary. The other sister was jealous and somehow broke up the engagement and these women then lived together the rest of their lives, like old biddies, bickering and arguing. In this man’s life, they were with him all of the time. They didn’t want to move along, so I planned to go to the UW Land of the Dead to find out more about them tonight.

I told the wife, and the husband called me, shocked. He said that these women have been with him since he was a child, and he never told a soul. (Why am I still amazed that we find out these things?? I still am!) He felt they liked him, though, and thought they never meant him harm. I told him that they seemed harmless and didn’t want to move on, so I’d journey to find out more. He then told me that after a friend died, he tried to “visit” her through meditation and other really mean, harmful voices used to scream at him whenever there was silence. He was told by a medium to ignore them and they’d go away, which he did. He said they are gone, except when there’s quiet and he hears a loud high pitched sound and he thinks that this high pitched sound is all of their voices together, and if he doesn’t work on shutting them off, he knows he’ll hear their individual voices again. After gently reminding him that they didn’t sound like they had really gone away, he asked me to journey to see who they are and if I can move them.

I just did another Source journey, but this time, when they came up from the Source, my helping spirit didn’t let me go up near them, where I was with Margaret and Mary. Also, my protective spirit showed up with his spear. They were people from an earlier time, tribal, and my own drum sounded really different all of a sudden. Really deep and powerful. They had masks on, and I was able to see one clearly – masked, naked chest, loincloth type clothes and my feeling was they practiced cannibalism or something pretty horrific, even for their time. I also heard that high pitched buzzing the man described. I got a really negative feeling from them, and I even felt another one of my UW helping spirits show up beside me, drumming with me for a while.
After consulting with my teacher who told me that he thought Margaret and Mary were also Middle World spirits who needed to move along, and that I was to follow exactly how he taught me, I got ready to work.
I gathered my Psychopomp spirits with me and we went to the UW, to the Land of the Dead. When there, I explained who the people I wanted to move along were, and I was give a soul symbol for the “ring leader.” We then went to the MW, where I felt the tribe would be. They were there and came over to confront us when we showed up. My protective psychompomp power animal stood in front of me a bit and to the right, my other helping spirit was to my left. The leader came right up to me and yelled in my face. He took his mask off. He continued to threaten me. At that point, I breathed deeply in the real world, and I felt myself fill with peace and serenity and an amazing calm power – very, very strong. I asked him if he was ready to move along, and he said, “NO!” I then showed him his soul symbol and he seemed to just collapse – no resistance, no more threats. He obviously recognized it.
I asked again if he were ready to go and he was. I followed my helping spirits as they took him to the Upper World Land of the Dead, where he “checked in.” The door opened with a very bright light, and a huge lion came out and roared in my face. I was afraid for a second until I remembered I was in the UW and he was benevolent, even if he didn’t seem to be so. 🙂 The tribe leader actually hopped on the back of the lion as they went back into the door, into the Land of the Dead, where he will be debriefed and prepared to come back here again.
I felt we had some time in the Journey left, (I was listening to the recording I have) and I asked my helping spirits if they wanted to go talk to the others. They agreed and we went down to the Middle World again. At first, they were very resistant, but then, the “second in command” said the equivalent of “screw it, I’m going,” and the other three agreed as well. My helping spirits brought them up to the Upper World Land of the Dead, and when we got there and they “checked in,” the door opened and the light was really, really blinding. I could see four figures, almost like hooded figures, but benevolent, with their hands outstretched for them, and I got the warning, “Don’t look! You aren’t allowed to see that here,” so I turned away, as I usually do. They went with them, because I heard them and the door closed and the bright light disappeared.
I thanked Brandy, who stayed in the UW and Ant and I went down to the MW to my journeying tree. We hung out for a few minutes, and I made sure I was really grounded by leaning on the tree. When the drum ended, Ant went to the Lower World and I ended the journey.
When I came back, and wrote this down, I was struck by how powerful my helping spirits are and how easily they do things that I used to think were terrifying and impossible when I was a practicing Catholic. I have a whole different relationship with the Spirit world than I used to, and it continually amazes me how miracles occur every single day.

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