Clearing My House

I have a house in the Adirondacks, in Lake George, NY, where there have been many bloody battles on the land. My house has always been “off.” We have heard yelling in the night, and there have been a few rooms that were really very creepy feeling.

About four months ago, I had the house cleared by a shaman from whom I have taken classes. It was a miracle! The house had a totally different feeling after the clearing than before, and felt good for a while. I spend a lot of time in the downstairs “problem” room the shaman cleared, but not much upstairs. I haven’t been up there drumming or journeying or any of those wonderful things.

Yesterday, a friend came and we went up there to drum. Immediately, she said, “This room feels very heavy.” She was really disturbed by the energy. We did two journeys, the first for me to try to move any spirits or fragments along, which I did. She got a vision of a group of Native Americans having a Fire Ceremony, and a little girl going near the area where she felt the heaviness. The adults shooed her away and told her that they were working on that energy, that it had to be cured by Wind.

We did a second journey, in which I merged with one of my spirit animals, Dragonfly. I have been taught that in order to work with the Elements, I have to be merged with a compassionate helping spirit. I then called on Wind, and didn’t think Wind was there because I didn’t hear or feel Wind, but I suddenly was filled with this tightness and power in my body. I knew it was Wind. I sang and rattled and moved the energies along, out of the house, for several minutes, and then unmerged with both and stepped back. The house felt much better.

I consulted with the shaman who had cleansed the house and he said that if I wasn’t doing work in that section of the house and it was empty a lot, that part was a vacuum and the house could have filled back up with available energies. I then journeyed to my UW and Kiva, my ancestral helper with Weather, met me and told me that I need to go to the Source and figure out what is there and how to work with it, so that’s my assignment for this weekend.

I’ll keep you all posted.

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