I took a Death and Dying class through the Foundation for Shamanic Studies and then did more study with shaman Peter Clark in Montpelier, Vermont. Of all of my studies, I’ve found this to be the most satisfying. With Nan Moss at the Foundation course, we learned the basics: where we came from, our past lives and a journey into the land between lives, how to prepare people for death and how to move people along. With Peter, I learned to use the Source from his Source Gazing workshop offered in Vermont. Using this method, I learned to move the more difficult or confusion cases along.


Since the first workshop, I have moved along many people and literally hundreds of thousands of animals over, especially those killed in shelters and slaughterhouses. I recently moved over some people who I care about deeply, those who just passed on and hadn’t crossed over  yet.

If you would like help preparing for death, or to assure that someone has crossed over, please email me at

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