When chipmunk comes calling

imageDuring a camping trip, an amazingly friendly chipmunk appeared. He loved my husband – he talked to him, he ran around his feet and he finally actually ran up his leg! Chipmunk means magic is in the air and that your Spirit Guides are there, waiting for you to ask them to assist you.

Here are some more meanings of chipmunk from http://www.universeofsymbolism.com/symbolic-meaning-of-chipmunk.html

“Chipmunk totem energy is also a sign that you will have an important conversation with someone close to you very soon, pay attention to the details! Chipmunk always pops up out of nowhere, and just as quickly it vanishes into another world, the world of the Chipmunk… it has hidden pathways and secret tunnels hidden in plain sight all around you. Chipmunk power animal loves the enjoyment of a good adventure and exploration, he is always exploring and noticing any new changes in his environment… a new fallen leaf, a new pebble, or a new visitor. Chipmunk will chatter to whomever is nearby telling them everything about the new discovery.”


And some more info:

Chipmunk energy means you will have an important conversation with someone close. Pay attention to details.

Chipmunk Magic and Medicine Powers…

Chipmunk totem brings the gifts of: artistic endeavors and creativity

Chipmunk spirit animal shares the energies of: play, exploration

Chipmunk teaches the animal magic of: intuition, wishes granted
Magic is afoot when Chipmunk symbols appears for you…

Chipmunk totem animal is the ambassador of play, whenever you spy a chipmunk it’s always frolicking and scampering about and you watch it with the eyes of a child hoping to see what it’s up to. Chipmunk spirit guide always keeps you guessing… this gives the Chipmunk totem a bit of a mysterious nature.

Whenever you see a Chipmunk totem you can be sure that magic is afoot, synchronicities are in the air… keep your eyes open you may glimpse a faerie… Fairies most assuredly are in the midst. Chipmunk and fairies appear encouraging you to believe in magic just like you did as a child.

Symbolic meaning of Chipmunk teaches the blessing that there are always spirit guides around you, ready to help… but you must invite the assistance of the spirits, and the instant you do you will feel the essence and energy of their presence and can begin communicating your requests. Again, this is the perfect time for you to ask your guides for signs.

Artistic Expression and the Symbolic Meaning of Chipmunk

Chipmunk spirit animal explores everything with it’s hands, call upon Chipmunk when you want to try out and feel confident in your artistic expressions and experiments… particularly with your hands, let your hands be the channel of your intuition.

Spiritual meaning of the Chipmunk

The Chipmunk is quite the charming metaphysical symbol. Spiritual meaning of the Chipmunk appearing for you it is a most opportune time to ask for a wish.

Like the Squirrel, Chipmunk symbol stores up his supplies for winter, always prepared… seeing him is a sign for you to do the same… Symbolic meaning of Chipmunk reminds you to make sure you have ample supplies of everything you need in case of an emergency.

The evolving symbols of the Chipmunk

Although some of the Native American legends of the Chipmunk are not so favorable, as he was seen to be a symbol of chattering way too much. However, I see the spirit energy of the Chipmunk as a most auspicious symbol. Intuition tells me that the Chipmunks chatter may have tipped off the animals that the hunters were coming, lending to the unkind assessment of the Chipmunk. The symbolism of the Chipmunk has evolved and we can now see the beneficial attributes of the energy of the Chipmunk in his lighthearted and playful, carefree aura. Who doesn’t delight in seeing a Chipmunk scampering in the yard?

Star Guidance ~ The Special Magic of the Chipmunk Spirit Animal

The special magic for Chipmunk spirit guide is “star guidance”… when you have a question you need help with, look to the stars in the night sky… ask for a sign, close your eyes and know the sign will appear at just the right time, the answer will come and it will feel like divine intervention and synchronicity. Practice this and you will begin to become the master of trusting your vibes, regardless of what anyone else has to say about the matter. Another power animal who can help with receiving signs is the Panda.

5 thoughts on “When chipmunk comes calling

  1. TYSVM for sharing 💞 I moved recently and have 2 squirrels that come to me every morning 🥰 I would love to know the meaning of this please 💞


  2. I was just stopped in my tracks by a seemingly terrified squirell. Maybe they have a high metabolism and appear frightened but it did not move and it regarded me.
    I went around it to give the squirell space. It stayed there looking at me. I felt lucky.
    I can look at the past weeks and see how I’ve been speaking my mind and it being surprisingly outspoken. How the chipmunk medicine may recommend preparing for the future with plan B., or extra water and nuts.
    How I’ve been nonchalant about spirit guides who make alarms go off for me on my phone during my busy day. I just feel grateful for that. Smile, know they are there in mutualy beneficial alignment with us. That’s how I feel. One is my grandmother I never knew. Helping me carry our DNA forward in good ways.
    Thank you squirell, you mystical critter!


  3. I sat in the back yard today with my grandson’s paternal grandmother. We lost our 8 year old grandson a week ago due to complications of a bone marrow transplant. A chipmunk came over and sat on my foot for a about 30 seconds. Then he scampered away. I wasn’t sure if it meant something but I think our grandson was near in that moment with his Meme and Mimi.


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