Weather Shadow of Lightning

At the workshop I’m attending, Weather Shamanism, we had to travel to the Upper or Lower Worlds to meet the Shadow Side of a Weather Spirit. I traveled to the Upper World with my weather teaching ancestor and my powerful weather spirit. When we found the weather spirit shadow, it was Lightning, and he was irate with mankind. After screwing up my courage and asking why, he said it was because we all hated and feared him.

i explained that people didn’t hate lightning but feared it because it was unpredictable and deadly. We couldn’t control lightning at all. After discussing this, lightning shadow spirit brought up the ocean, and said we didn’t hate the ocean. I talked about the good of the ocean that people are familiar with. He asked me to write about the benefits of lightning on my blog. I agreed to, and will be doing research on the benefits of lightning.

Here is one benefit of lightning.

Lightning helps fertilize plants. Our atmosphere consists of approximately 70% nitrogen, but this nitrogen exists in a form that plant life cannot use. Lightning strikes help dissolve this unusable nitrogen in water, which then creates a natural fertilizer that plants can absorb through their roots.

So thank you, Lightning! Without you, our veggies and other plants just wouldn’t grow!

I’ll be bringing you more of the weather Spirit Shadow information as I get it.


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