When chipmunk comes calling

During a camping trip, an amazingly friendly chipmunk appeared. He loved my husband - he talked to him, he ran around his feet and he finally actually ran up his leg! Chipmunk means magic is in the air and that your Spirit Guides are there, waiting for you to ask them to assist you. Here … Continue reading When chipmunk comes calling

Weather Shadow of Lightning

At the workshop I'm attending, Weather Shamanism, we had to travel to the Upper or Lower Worlds to meet the Shadow Side of a Weather Spirit. I traveled to the Upper World with my weather teaching ancestor and my powerful weather spirit. When we found the weather spirit shadow, it was Lightning, and he was … Continue reading Weather Shadow of Lightning

Beautiful weekend workshop

I just finished the Dreamwork workshop with Elaine Egidio through the Foundation for Shamanic Studies. It was in Plainsboro, NJ, and I wasn't sure what to expect. It was fascinating, informative and, mostly, a wonderful community of people. I felt a strong connection to the other 8 participants: one of the closing activities was an … Continue reading Beautiful weekend workshop