Morning Ritual and Divining

I just got a new deck of cards, Animal Spirit Cards, which my teacher shaman uses. I try to open most days by burning sage and cedar and rattling (outside, in the summer) to Mother Earth, Father Sky, Spirit of the Adirondacks, Spirit of the  Hudson River, Spirits of the Land, Spirits of the cardinal directions: north east south and west, spirit of the deep lakes with sweet waters here, the mountains and valleys, spirits of the rocks, the plants, trees, elements, elementals, mammals, birds, insects, bees, amphibians, reptiles: I try to include them all! Then today, I rattled over the cards and asked a question that has been nudging at me. I pulled the Lizard card, which talks about paying attention to your dreams and visions. Very interesting. image

2 thoughts on “Morning Ritual and Divining

  1. Hi Karen,
    It’s new to me but one of my teachers uses it,mans I do like it because I love animals, and see them a lot where I live. I feel connected to the deck for that reason.
    Thanks for reading!


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