Just Don’t Eat Meat

I just reread the story the story of the cow in NYC who escaped and ran for his life through Queens. He (she?) is now living in an animal sanctuary. But I think about the cows who didn’t run for their lives and were brutally slaughtered. How can we do this?

Every time I go through Whitehall, NY, I have to try to shield my eyes from the slaughterhouse. That the town is so depressed and dying is, to me, no surprise. When you have such terrible acts in your area, the spirits of the land suffer. Your land will not be blessed and productive. The energy of harmful acts squeezes out somewhere. I would like to learn to do a healing for that land, but until the slaughterhouse is gone, it is my feeling (and this is just what I get – it’s not written as truth in the sky somewhere) that the land and the town will continue to suffer and get more bleak and depressed.

There’s a simple answer for our country. Don’t eat beef. It’s totally unnecessary for a healthy life; in fact, all of the hormones and antibiotics in any meat that is not grass-fed can cause cancer and the ineffectiveness of antibiotics. And animals killed in the harsh manner of slaughterhouses are flooded with adrenaline, which isn’t good for you. Add that you are eating their suffering, literally swallowing their fear and pain with every bite, and no wonder we have so many health issues we didn’t have 50 years ago. Meat was local and sometimes humanely killed. Just give up meat, or at least mammals. I did and I don’t miss it one bit.

If just 1/2 the meat eaters gave up meat, can you imagine how the suffering of animals would go down? Can you imagine how much better it would be for the Earth? Please just think about it?

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