New Stuff

Lots of things going on – it’s the first day of July. I love the summers, and not just because I’m out of school! Here’s my happy out-of-school face:



I had an excellent healing session this past week with Peter of Shamans Flame in Vermont. I went to a workshop he held at his home last year taught by Nan Moss of Shamans Circle  – this picture is from lunch one day at that workshop. There is a tiny stream, which of course I was drawn to! It was clean and cold, great on my feet! Very cleansing to my energy, also.


We are having a Journey Drum Circle tonight. Expecting 4 or 5 people, a good number for my house. And I’m  working with two clients this weekend. I was just journeying to find out why a client is feeling unlike herself, and I got that we all need more contact with the earth. If you go out this weekend, wherever you are, try to lie down on the earth for a bit. It’s really important we stay connected to the earth, and we can get depressed, anxious, or fragmented when we don’t keep that connection healthy. I just found out that’s why I’m more fragmented here than when I’m down the shore – I lie down on the sand a lot down there. Never thought of it until my Helping Spirits just told me when I asked about another person.

In helping others, we help ourselves. 🌞😊 Many blessings to you all and may you all have a safe, earth-centered holiday weekend!

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