How To Journey

I’ve been teaching a short version of how to journey to people who come to Journey Circle and aren’t sure how to do it. I thought I’d share that here.

This is a good start and a good description:

I would add a few things. For your first journeys, the Lower World to meet a helping animal is usually most successful! As the directions say, look for a hole in the ground to journey through to get to the Lower World. It’s not the same for everyone. I have a hole in the ground near a beloved tree, others have a whirlpool, or a space between three trees. Head down the path or tunnel as long as it takes you down. Foloow it down all the way – to make sure you are in the Lower World, a world of compassionate helping spirits and not the Middle World, where there can be unhelpful beings, go through at least one door or portal. Look around when you get there and ask again to meet a compassionate helping animal spirit. If animals show up, ask if they are your helping spirit or power animal. If they say no, ask them to point out where your’s might be. These are all kind and loving spirits – if they aren’t acting so, go back to your journey tunnel and go down further. A helping animal spirit will show up. Chat, introduce yourself, enjoy! Make sure you come back with the callback!

Here is a link to good drumming. Click on the icon on the left and then click on the 6th link down, Track 6:

Enjoy and let me know how you make out!!!

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