Shamanic Reiki Healing

What I do is a type of reiki healing, but with my shamanic spirit helpers. When doing a healing, the first thing I do is determine what kind of healing is needed: a shamanic reiki healing, a power animal retrieval, an extraction or a soul retrieval. I do this by first making my space sacred and asking the spirits of the land if I can use their energy to do a healing. If I feel a “Yes” answer – and in my experience, the Spirits have never said “No,” since they are always happy and excited to be helpful to us in our healing endeavors –  I then rattle and go to my healing spirit. I ask him what is needed for this client and I get an answer or answers. If it is a shamanic reiki, I come back to ordinary reality and begin the healing.

Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 9.25.52 AMIt Shamanic reiki is like reiki in that I am putting my hands over the client, and feeling for areas that seem different. In shamanism, though, it is very clear that I am not the healer – my healing spirit seems to stand behind me and use my arms and hands to see and then heal. When it’s time to heal, my spirit pushes the waves of healing from his body, into my arms and out my hands into the client. We go around to all of the areas that felt as though they needed healing.

As a shamanic healer, it is very easy to get cocky: I have seen people talk about their healing power in workshops, and I always say, “It’s not our power!” My helping spirits are also continually knocking me down and keeping my considerable ego in check. But that the healing or divination or extraction isn’t up to me gives me some comfort as well. The pressure for me to do the healing is gone. It’s not me doing it. All I have to do is remain open to my helping spirits and stay out of their way and they do the rest. Easy, really. As long as you can stay open to what may happen, then miracles can happen. And all from our helping spirits.

3 thoughts on “Shamanic Reiki Healing

      1. I confess I have done more soul retrievals for dogs than for people. So in that case, I usually have a picture of the pet in question and I journey to inquire if a soul retrieval is in order. If so, I use a stuffed bear as a stand-in, for the pet and journey as I would for a person. I am lucky to have a group that studies together, so in addition to core shamanism from our teacher, some of the members have studied with other traditions and brought that back. I’m just now getting my footing on integrating what feels right to me, because I have been afraid to venture too far outside the guidelines. So, I’ve only done 2 SR on my own, but I still wonder if I’m doing it right. (both people said they had good experiences, so that is fortunate.)

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