Crossing Over

I just had another experience like the one I had when my father passed over. My birth mother is dying. I have spoken to her on the phone several times, and she is a wonderful, loving woman who had a tough life. I was her first born – she later married my birth father, who died years ago at the age of 54, and had two more children, so I have a full brother (who I talk to regularly) and a full sister (who I have never spoken to.) She divorced my birth father because he was an abusive alcoholic.

She has COPD and I was told this morning that she is dying within hours or days. I did a journey to my LW spirits to find out about earth healing, and three of my animal spirits were there in some strange garb: I couldn’t see it clearly, but they were definitely wearing something, which is a change, as they don’t wear clothes! They said we had to help my birth mother pass over.

I have been getting the feeling that she is afraid of death. That saddens me, because once  you have lived a long life, I think you should be comfortable with death. Somehow, my animal spirits and I traveled cross-country to her bedside in California. She has been unconscious a lot, but she was there and awake. She saw me and said, “Sarah, you’re here.” (Sarah is my birth name and how she still refers to me.) I said, “Yes, Annie, I’m here to help you cross over.” She seemed hesitant. I told her there was nothing to fear, there was peace and love and an opportunity to review all that happened. She still seemed resistant. I didn’t push, but we suddenly felt/saw her spirit guides next to her head. We backed down to give them room; they were in the form of Angels, as were my father’s, as they were both Catholic and Angels would have made them seem safe.

Unlike my dad, Annie didn’t want to go. My father went as soon as I told him his guides were there; he had no fear, and had outworn his failing body. I told Annie that her guides were there, and she resisted. I again told her that she had nothing to fear, that her family could take care of themselves, it was time for her to go. She still seemed resistant. Her Guides did something or said something to her: I’m not clear on what it was. Then she took a last breath, and her spirit left her body, being guided by her Angels. With my father, I didn’t see this, as I was in ordinary reality with him. I just felt the Angels’ powerful presence and I felt his energy dissipate after his last breath. With Annie, I could see them taking her out of her body.

My spirit animals and I agreed we had done what we came to do, and we left. We were quickly back in the Lower World. I thanked them for this sacred work, hugged them, we told each other that we love each other, and I left.

I don’t know if I’m supposed to be doing this work, but it seems when someone close to me dies recently, I’m called on to help them cross over. I can’t imagine more sacred work than this.

5 thoughts on “Crossing Over

  1. Great post. Would be interesting to see your birth chart, there could very well be indications of this kind of work (if you are Astro-savvy, it would show up in the 6/8/12 houses).


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