The Magic of Lavender

Ah, lavender. I have so much trouble growing it, I am starting to think it doesn't like me! Or maybe it's just that I live in the north country, where the season is short. But I keep trying because it has so many properties, both practical and magical, that it is worth the trouble. From … Continue reading The Magic of Lavender

Grasshoppers Keep Showing Up!

First of all, grasshoppers are a worldwide symbol of good luck. I'm not sure why, but I have found that to be believed all over the world. Grasshoppers are showing you that it is time to move forward. Time to listen to your inner voice and you will know what to do. I feel that … Continue reading Grasshoppers Keep Showing Up!

Another Visit With COVID 19 and more…

I journeyed two nights ago and met the virus again. The virus is quite pleased that he got our attention. I asked the virus if it’s possible to take it easy on New York, as that is a place filled with many who have great compassion for the earth. The virus didn’t really answer that. … Continue reading Another Visit With COVID 19 and more…

The Gift of Today

All of our lives have turned upside down. When I really stop to think of what is going on, the enormity of it takes my breath away. The many ill and dead, the complete stoppage of most work and economy on the entire planet, it is a completely new experience for most of us. The … Continue reading The Gift of Today

My Journey to Covid 19 and his message to us

My shamanic teacher, Peter Clark, asked many of his students and fellow shamans to journey together with him. Below are my journeys: I had to do my journey twice, cause when I was rattling during the first journey, I was getting distracted by Middle World fears and thoughts. Both journeys below: First attempt: while rattling … Continue reading My Journey to Covid 19 and his message to us